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Raw Bar

At Dune Street Rawbar & Grill, we offer seafood lovers a fantastic experience. Located in the heart of the Outer Banks of North Carolina, our place is perfect for anyone who loves fresh seafood. What makes us unique? We're super dedicated to always giving you the best selection of oysters.

We are passionate about using local oysters and oysters from nearby places like Virginia and the Eastern Shore. We want you to taste the best of coastal America with every bite.


We've got farm-raised oysters and ones caught in the wild, so there's something for everyone's taste. We work with some awesome local suppliers like Kinnakeet Oyster Company in Avon, Savage Inlet Oysters at Oregon Inlet, and Little Star Oyster Farm in the Pamlico Sound. They help us bring you the freshest and tastiest oysters around.


But we're not just about local stuff. We also like to mix it up with oysters from other parts of the country, like the West Coast or northern areas.

Whether you're someone who knows their oysters or you're just starting to explore, come hang out with us at Dune Street Rawbar & Grill. Let's go on a tasty journey together, one oyster at a time. Come join us and taste the sea!

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